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Advancement through knowledge, skill and understanding is important. By following the scouting program, each scout works toward a rank advancement, which requires them to learn new things and face new challenges in a variety of areas, including outdoor skills, citizenship, conservation and first aid, just to name a few. Each scout progresses at his own rate. In the lower ranks a scout follows a more rigid set of requirements. While in the higher ranks a scout is given a broader set of requirements  this gives them the ability to express themselves and use the maturity and leadership skills they will have gained coming up through the ranks.  They also have the opportunity to explore interests and gain knowledge as they earn a variety of Merit Badges. 
In addition to these areas of advancement, the scouts must demonstrate scout spirit, citizenship and living according to the Scout Law and Oath for each rank. Often, this means the boys must volunteer to do projects in their communities and think about their lives beyond their home, school and community. In turn this allows them to really see and be a part of the world as a whole.  
Advancement of Rank and earning Merit Badges is one of the most important activities carried out at each Troop Meeting.  The Senior Staff will help provide direction and learning opportunities for those who want to advance to higher ranks.  The senior Scouts work with younger Scouts during Troop Meetings and Camp outs to help them complete the rank advancement requirements.  Merit Badge Councilors offer a variety of Merit Badge workshops during the year.  Additional Merit Badges can be earned at Boy Scout Camp during the summer or at Merit Badge College weekends during the year.  Rank advancement depends on the individual Scout's commitment to the Scouting Program and his desire to achieve.   
Advancement Database 
Troop 185 keeps a database of each Scout's achievements.  This information is available to each Scout to help him plan activities for advancement.  This database is updated on a regular basis.  Please contact us if you need a current copy of your achievements.   
Troop 185 Scouts --- Receive information related to your advancement status.  Contact us at: 
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As a Boy Scout there are eight possible Ranks which can be achieved.  Each of which has a specific set of requirements outlined in the Boy Scout Handbook.  
Scout Badge (Joining Requirements) 
Second Class 
First Class 
Eagle Plams 
A detailed list of requirements for each Rank can be obtained at the following site. 
Boy Scout Advancement 
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Merit Badges 
There are a wide variety of merit badges that a Scout can earn.  Scouts looking to advance to the rank of Eagle must earn 12 merit badges from a specific list of avaliable badges.  The links below contain the requirements for each merit badge.  The Eagle required badges are highlighted on the Merit Badge Requirements site.  
Introduction to Merit Badges 
Index to Merit Badge Requirements 
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